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It's a Mystery.

With a lot more time at home, often under lockdown - pandemic, not criminally mandated lockdown with an ankle tracker on - why is my writing productivity down? Add to that, 2 years worth of art and artisan shows cancelled. So I've had tons of time to write reams of books and paint walls' worth of paintings and collages, but no. Didn't happen. Why not? It's a mystery.

After a fair bit of thinking, I've concluded that it's hard to stay motivated in isolation. I am my own boss, so there is no-one to kick my butt to get it in gear. Only me. So no books published last year. Not a one. Hmm ...

But the good news is, I'm finally presenting The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes' Cat. A humorous mystery, featuring a beloved character, and his cat. Just published as an Ebook, and the paperback will publish in a few more weeks. I figured we all need some laughs about now. Hopefully this book will provide some. 😁

Launch price is only .99 pennies. For a few more days, it will be available at that price. I know it is going to be a tough book to promote, because it doesn't slot neatly into any one genre. And it is suitable for a wide variety of ages. Just a fun read, light-hearted and humorous. If you read fiction, you might want to give it a chance. (Reviews on Amazon welcomed.)


Jun 06

Can't wait for Volume 3 in this series! Any clue when it might get releasedreleased??

Jun 07
Replying to

Thanks for asking. I've started writing it and have high hopes for as soon as I possibly can. Some books evolve quickly, others ploddingly. And then there is life, which does like to get in the way of writing time. I have finished a book in 4 months, and another in 3 years, so it is too soon to tell, but not 3 years or even 2 years. Maybe 1 year. I will post updates. Best Wishes, Patricia

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