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War Horse

Lucky the Horse 

Lucky is completely made from shoes.

Elegant Title

Catwoman and her Cats (And a Couple of Acquaintances)

Mixed-media collage. Available as prints and cards.

Racing Cat


Steam & Punk

Mixed-media collage.
Prints & cards available
in the shop.


dragons in flight sml.jpg

Here There

Be Dragons

Dragon Rider

Dragon Boat


The dragon collage appears on the cover of one of my novels, a humorous fantasy adventure, published under the nom de plume 'Lee Shrugg'.

A Story in a Picture (Literally)

I dreamed that I dreamed

And in my dream

I dreamed that I had a heart

I held it in my hands

It was sweet and warm

And I was alive

And I was in love

And I was loved

The Private Lives of Robots

The Art of War

Combining my writing and my collage into one unified visual statement is a new style for me, 

It's still in the development phase, but I am loving the possibilities. 

Darn it all! I brought the wrong cannon to the war. This one only shoots butterflies. No, not shoots - shoots! Madness? Well, what is war if not madness? Butterflies are very very very small, so no graves to dig today. Since we can't wage war, let's make tea. Invite the enemy over for a cup.

The Private Lives of Robots

Supercharged with just one touch.

Things with Wings


Flight of Fancy

A Little Dash of Digital

Dizzy in Love

Spare Parts Bird


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