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Weeping Angel

Speak No Evil


Elder Scarab

When I write, I see my characters in my mind's eye. As a visual artist as well as a writer, I often draw them as I imagine them. In this instance, I sculpted Elder Scarab, who is a character in the April-May June Series.

Masked Faces

Although I make my sculptures using a mold of the original clay sculpt, no two ever turn out the exact same. There is a fair bit of finishing work once the sculpture is removed from the mold. Then I can either glaze them, giving them colour and shine, or stain them, giving them a stone-like appearance. (As seen below.)


Head in Hands

It is probably fairly obvious that I like to include hands in my sculptures. Although, when I am sculpting them, I do wish we had less than 10 fingers. 10 is a lot of fingers.

Head in Hands, Mischievous Version

Woman with Braided Hair




3-D standing sculpture.



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