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New Book Release ... April 2024
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes' Cat,  2


A humorous mystery

   Sherlock Holmes is suffering from melancholia. Cat Watson, his new detecting companion, has vanished. It has been three long weeks since the detective last laid eyes on the small black cat. Sherlock fears he has come to a bad end, hence the melancholia.

    There are pressing cases clamouring for the detective’s attention, but finding Cat Watson is the only one that interests him—until his brother Mycroft also disappears, under very peculiar circumstances indeed.

   Dr. John Watson is no help whatsoever. He has proclaimed himself a client and is badgering Sherlock to solve The Mystery of the Missing Watch. It should be a simple undertaking, yet it is proving to be a thorn in Sherlock’s side. Or perhaps the thorn is John himself.

   Sherlock would surely have all three cases solved in a trice, if only a mysterious adversary would stop trying to kill him. And that is the fourth and deadliest puzzle the detective must unravel, if he is to stay alive.

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A humorous mystery starring an iconic detective, and his cat.


When Sherlock Holmes crosses paths with a small black cat, he rescues it from a vicious attack. He takes it home, because 221B Baker Street has become a sad and lonely place of late. John Watson recently abandoned him for some buxom cleavage, rouged lips and bouncy ringlets. In other words, a wife, of all things.

The great detective has no clue how clever the scrappy little tomcat will prove to be. But can a cat no larger than a squirrel, replace John, his former companion and partner-in-crime-solving? Or will Cat Watson be a curse rather than a blessing? A mouse in Sherlock’s underpants would suggest the former.

Time will tell, as the pair get to know each other. Together, they investigate a mixed bag of mysteries. Mary Watson’s missing bicycle is no true case, but a possible attempt to reunite two estranged friends. The mystery of the Baker Street Blackmailer is another matter entirely. Sherlock faces a remarkably cunning foe, crafty enough to outwit even him. To survive the villain’s deadly schemes, Sherlock will need both his Watsons by his side, if they will deign to work together on his behalf.

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Unreal Estate Series

A humorous cozy mystery series sure to keep you guessing. 

  Mandy-Lynn Snow is a perfectly normal real estate agent, doing a perfectly adequate job, until she drowns in the frigid swimming pool at her company's most affluent listing.

  Dead is one of those places you're not supposed to come back from, but Mandy-Lynn does just that. And nothing in her life will ever be the same, or normal, again.

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The Storyteller Series

Book 1 - The Storyteller's Curse

When Bayerd the Storyteller grudgingly rescues a princess named after seaweed, his rather ordinary life changes drastically. Bayerd soon endures more trials than a cursed man, not the least of which is being saved by that very same princess from the dragon jaws of fiery death.

In an attempt to prove his worth, Bayerd vows to protect the future queen from her plotting kin and a parade of alarming suitors. His lowly beginnings may not see him fit to kiss the highborn princess's webbed toes, or polish the boots of Sir Gore Wolfe of Howling Stone, but royal blood isn't everything. A dozen hell cats can't be wrong. They certainly have no complaint about the quality of Bayerd's blood, and they have sampled it liberally.

Together with his tall, dark, and brooding friend Orson, Bayerd does his manly best to fill the role of champion, which quickly proves to be a perilous role for him. Trouble sticks so close to Bayerd, it could easily be mistaken for his shadow. Or his tall, dark, and brooding friend Orson.

Book 2 - The Storyteller's Quest

When Bayerd the Storyteller is sent on a quest, he has no choice but to ride off into the sunset, for if he doesn't leave willingly, a mere crook of the queen's bejewelled baby finger would see him catapulted over the castle's battlements in a fantastic bloody display that would end his quest before it even began. And alas, he is starting to suspect that his beloved Princess Kelp may be the one who truly wants him gone from the Golden Kingdom. 

It isn't supposed to be a dangerous quest, yet when his men begin to vanish one by one, it is just the start of his (and of course their) misfortune. Bayerd has to wonder if his quest is cursed, or maybe he is the one who is cursed - yet again.


A beautifully imagined fantasy adventure, complete with humour, action, romance, and even dragons.

Of all things born, a flame has the most fleeting life,

and the quickest death.

The heir son of the Rainlord is hunting alone in the forest when he comes face-to-face with a northern wildling. Now, every southerner knows their reputation as dragon-spawned savages, and the girl Flynn meets certainly proves it is justified. He ends up robbed and beaten bloody. He has no choice but to drag her back to his sire's ever-changing maze of a prison.

It is only the beginning of his trials, not hers. Saffire earns her freedom and his best friend disappears as if in a puff of smoke. The wildling is either the culprit responsible, or the only one who can track Dale and bring him safely home. Flynn wants to believe it is possible, yet it is hard to have faith in someone who stabs you while you lie sleeping.

When the threat escalates to endanger both their peoples, can Saffire and Flynn set aside a lifetime of prejudice and band together to defeat the evil that is growing all out of control, rather like its unbelievable new sidekick?

Recommended - 14 to adult

A romantic sci-fi adventure - think American Idol in Outer Space, if the other contestants are aliens who will stop at nothing to win.

Enroute to a singing contest, Holly finds herself stranded in the icy winter wilderness. Before she can freeze to death, a spaceship almost lands on top of her truck. The aliens who rescue (or abduct) Holly are nothing like the ones on TV. They don't even wear uniforms. And some of them look so much like Earth's inhabitants, they could strut around on the planet as if they owned the place ... and then there is Antor.

Antor was born on a spaceship, and abandoned there. He's grown up as an orphan on a series of spaceships. It's a lonely life until the All Planetary Shipper he is working aboard is forced to make an emergency landing on a supposedly primitive planet. Antor expects to encounter club-wielding, grunting humanoids. The girl he rescues couldn't be less grunting, and she can sing better than anyone in the Universe.

When Holly is forced to sing for her life, it's only the start of their terrifying adventure.

Recommended - 14 to adult

'Neither meteor storms, nor massive solar flares, nor dark of space, shall stay these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed deliveries.'

A sci-fi fantasy/adventure packed with unexpected twists & turns, and mysterious coffin-shaped crates that must be delivered, no matter what.

The rightful Nomad of Nine Worlds awakens on Gehenna Prison Planet with no idea of how he ended up in that hot hellish place. Three torturous years later, Megal is found by Kyar, the brother he suspected of stranding him there. A misunderstanding during the prison escape sees Megal destroying what his brother loves most.


Now a fugitive and a broken man who questions his own sanity, Megal vows to earn his brother's forgiveness, and track down their evil cousin Prin, who has been masquerading as Megal and ruling in his place. Not only has Prin ruined Megal's life and endangered the fragile Ice Planet, he has also saddled Megal with a wife who hates him enough to hunt him across all the galaxies in the Universe.

In his quest for justice, along with Kyar and a motley crew of outcasts, Megal zigzags across space aboard the rusty All Planetary Shipper, the FarGone 5, in a deadly game of galactic hide and seek.

Recommended - 14 to adult

When your dad is a drunken reaper who's been falling down on the job, literally, horrible things are bound to happen, and most of them have been happening to me - things like waking up in bed with a zombie. And things like being possessed by a slimy black cloud of renegade evil that can turn even a nice girl into a psycho slasher.


I'm Elvis Black, and yes, I am a girl, and a nice girl, unless I'm being possessed. In addition to being a reaper, my dad is also the world's biggest Elvis Presley fan, hence my name.


Reapers beget reapers, so I am a reaper-in-training. And it's starting to look like my dad's drinking is going to be the death of me, unless I can capture the evil that was birthed into the world during a botched reap, and lock it back into the bones of its body where it belongs, before it goes on a major killing spree and slaughters everyone in my neighbourhood - including the gorgeous boy next door. 

Recommended - 14 to adult
deeply ama.jpg
A historical fantasy set in the exciting era of world exploration.

Phillipa's adventure begins when a mysterious bracelet is thrust onto her arm in the middle of the night, disturbing a perfectly good sleep. As soon as the thing tightens around her skin like a strangling snake, it proves to be a curse rather than a blessing. She must flee from the only home she has ever known. 


Cats are reputed to have nine lives and Phillipa quickly discovers that she has so many more lives than that - as long as she wears the creepy bracelet. And she needs all those extra lives as she is pursued by black-hearted villains, across a country and a vast ocean, enduring stormy seas, shipwrecks, pirates, traitors, vexing secrets, and even a bull named Lucifer.

Recommended - 12 to 16
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The April-May June Series

"... a riveting read of magic, myth, mystery and misadventure ... It's hard to envision a more imaginative, playful presentation than this one." - Books in Canada

How the adventure begins:


April-May June is a lost and disgruntled elf. For five long years she has been searching for other elves. That's five years of munching on rotten apples and dried worms, and five years of talking to herself. Who else is there? When April narrowly avoids being snapped up as bird food and takes an accidental ride down a waterfall, she tumbles into a very peculiar world with more elves than she has ever wildly imagined.


April's reception in New Haven is not as warm and welcoming as it could be. April still feels lost. It doesn't take long to realize that she isn't quite like the New Haven elves, in more ways than they can see with their strangely dark eyes. And there is one big secret April must keep, or she will surely be banished back to the lonely forest of the outer-world. Worse yet, the magically guarded realm has its own troubles. The barrier that blocks all large and dangerous creatures from entering the special world is failing fast. Has April finally found friends and a home, only to lose it all?

Recommended - 11 to 16
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