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Recommended - 9 to 12

A timely tale about the value of friendship and the fragility of the world.

Annabelle Blue, the main culprit in this tale, is the first to notice that the butterflies are disappearing. Since she has a reputation for being disagreeable, and a talent for creating a quarrel with nothing but the echo of her words, nobody believes her.

Annabelle's quest for the truth leads her to trespass in lands where lowly pixies are not welcome, and she is quick to find trouble. She comes face-to-face with beings who are different from her, and therefore not to be trusted, no matter how nice they seem and how many times they save her life.


In a misguided, divided world, cut by a high stone wall and a deep rushing moat, how can Annabelle possibly discover the truth and save the butterflies before they are gone forever? It seems an impossible task, unless she has help from some unexpected allies. 


Moody Gasping Middle School Adventures


Book 1 - Three Wishes Vending Machine

Wolfe Webber hates new schools and new schools hate him. On his first day at Moody Gasping Middle School, a mysterious vending machine appears outside the cafeteria. Or has it always been there? Nobody knows for sure, and regular money doesn't work in it. When three gold coins appear in Wolfe's locker, they work in the vending machine, but the objects that drop out are very odd, and cause Wolfe nothing but trouble.


Book 2 - Genie For Sale - Cheap

In the mysterious setting of Moody Gasping Middle School, Corbit Bowman finds a crumped, juice-stained scrap of paper. It advertises a genie for sale. That little piece of paper is going to change his life. And if any kid ever needed a genie, it's Corbit. Although it would have been helpful if his new genie came with a few warning labels, like 'Highly Combustible' and 'Be Careful What You Wish For, You Just Might Get It'.

Recommended - 10 to 13

The Top-secret Life of Timbuktu Kalamazoo

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  I’m Tim Kalamazoo and I’m a pretty normal kid. It’s my life that’s

not normal. Not even one little bit. But I can’t tell you more yet,

not until you swear an oath to secrecy. How you ask? See page 1

of my top-secret document.

  Once you’ve done that, I can tell you about ordering pizza from

Outer Space, and Blobby, and chicken dancing. No, that isn't dancing with chickens. And I can tell you about J.R. the junky robot. You'd

never know it by looking at him, but J.R. is actually Supremely

Advanced Alien Technology.
  And I can tell you about my best friend Larry, who is the unluckiest

kid in the world, not because he’s my friend or anything,
  And then there’s my birthday presents. My dad is not very good at picking them out, probably because he didn’t grow up on Earth. Those presents have caused nothing but big trouble, especially my 10th birthday present, but I’m getting way ahead of myself ... you better swear that oath to secrecy before I give away all my top-secret secrets.


Recommended for 9 to 12

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