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New Book Release ... April 2024
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes' Cat,  2


A humorous mystery

   Sherlock Holmes is suffering from melancholia. Cat Watson, his new detecting companion, has vanished. It has been three long weeks since the detective last laid eyes on the small black cat. Sherlock fears he has come to a bad end, hence the melancholia.

    There are pressing cases clamouring for the detective’s attention, but finding Cat Watson is the only one that interests him—until his brother Mycroft also disappears under very peculiar circumstances indeed.

   Dr. John Watson is no help whatsoever. He has proclaimed himself a client and is badgering Sherlock to solve The Mystery of the Missing Watch. It should be a simple undertaking, yet it is proving to be a thorn in Sherlock’s side. Or perhaps the thorn is John himself.

   Sherlock would surely have all three cases solved in a trice, if only a mysterious adversary would stop trying to kill him. And that is the fourth and deadliest puzzle the detective must unravel, if he is to stay alive.

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The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes's Cat, 1  A humorous mystery

sh v cov.jpg

     When Sherlock Holmes crosses paths with a small black cat, he rescues it from a vicious attack. He takes it home, because 221B Baker Street has become a sad and lonely place of late. John Watson recently abandoned him for some buxom cleavage, rouged lips and bouncy ringlets. In other words, a wife, of all things.

     The great detective has no clue how clever the scrappy little tomcat will prove to be. But can a cat no larger than a squirrel, replace John, his former companion and partner-in-crime-solving? Or will Cat Watson be a curse rather than a blessing? A mouse in Sherlock’s underpants would suggest the former.

     Time will tell, as the pair get to know each other. Together, they investigate a mixed bag of mysteries. Mary Watson’s missing bicycle is no true case, but a possible attempt to reunite two estranged friends. The mystery of the Baker Street Blackmailer is another matter entirely. Sherlock faces a remarkably cunning foe, crafty enough to outwit even him. To survive the villain’s deadly schemes, Sherlock will need both his Watsons by his side, if they will deign to work together on his behalf.


Unreal Estate Series

A humorous cozy mystery series sure to keep you guessing. 

  Mandy-Lynn Snow is a perfectly normal real estate agent, doing a perfectly adequate job, until she drowns in the frigid swimming pool at her company's most affluent listing.

  Dead is one of those places you're not supposed to come back from, but Mandy-Lynn does just that. And nothing in her life will ever be the same, or normal, again.


 A humorous cozy mystery series sure to keep you guessing. 

Newest Children's Books

cover front.jpg

  Wiggles is a small snake who has big dreams and even bigger adventures.

  Wiggles the Snake is playing hide & seek when he meets somebody new. He wants to be friends, but he is afraid she won't want to be friends, because they are different.

  Wiggles hides his real identity. Except if he and Sunny are going to be true friends, he will have to be honest and tell the truth.     -A Rhyming Story 


A tongue-twister of a tale!

Stomp stomp stomp.

The elephants are coming,

the elephants are coming,

the elephants are coming for lunch!

Time to cook quickety-quick,

time to cook lickety-split,

time to cook the elephants' lungh.

And what a lunch it will be!

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