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2022 - New Wiggles the Snake Children's Book

New in 2021 - A humorous mystery

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     When Sherlock Holmes crosses paths with a small black cat, he rescues it from a vicious attack. He takes it home, because 221B Baker Street has become a sad and lonely place of late. John Watson recently abandoned him for some buxom cleavage, rouged lips and bouncy ringlets. In other words, a wife, of all things.

     The great detective has no clue how clever the scrappy little tomcat will prove to be. But can a cat no larger than a squirrel, replace John, his former companion and partner-in-crime-solving? Or will Cat Watson be a curse rather than a blessing? A mouse in Sherlock’s underpants would suggest the former.

     Time will tell, as the pair get to know each other. Together, they investigate a mixed bag of mysteries. Mary Watson’s missing bicycle is no true case, but a possible attempt to reunite two estranged friends. The mystery of the Baker Street Blackmailer is another matter entirely. Sherlock faces a remarkably cunning foe, crafty enough to outwit even him. To survive the villain’s deadly schemes, Sherlock will need both his Watsons by his side, if they will deign to work together on his behalf.

3 New Books in 2019

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Recommended for 9 - 12

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A humorous cozy mystery.

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This year's children's book.

A real tongue-twister to entertain

the little ones.

Collage Art Playing Cards

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Queen of Hearts


King of Diamonds

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