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Underwater Photography

deeply ama.jpg

My interest in underwater photography began with the cover of Deeply. I wanted the image on the cover to show the protagonist under the water. So I jumped in a swimming pool with some good sports, dressed in various costumes, and I started snapping shots with a little underwater camera. It was definitely trial and error, and it was a ton of fun. The results were gorgeous, and now I take underwater photos every summer.

My favourite photos are available as cards and prints.

When I can't find somebody to join me in the madness, I mean the swimming pool, I photograph other things. This photo is of my dress. I tossed it in the water and photographed it as if floated down. I loved the result, although it took about 100 photos to get just the right lighting.

I added some gauze curtains to the water and took pics at night. I also played with the picture in Photoshop, aiming for an eerie effect, which I think I achieved..

On more than one occasion, when I don't have real people at hand, I have used dolls as models. I really liked the resulting pics, which some might find creepy. I do tend to like creepy things. Always have and probably always will. If you like creepy things too, made sure to click the 'In the Shadows' tab.

(This is not really my baby picture.)

Graveyard Photography

I spend a lot of time in graveyards - taking photos, not being dead, thankfully. I live in Montreal which has one of the most beautiful cemeteries for statuary - Notre Dame des Neiges Cemetery.


These photos were taken on a snowy January 1st. It was the prefect way to start the new year, although my fingers and toes almost froze off. 

This cemetery statue was the inspiration for 'Fallen', a collage. I found the pose so poignant and beautiful that I sketched the statue, but not on January 1st. It was far too cold for that and I really would have lost my fingers and toes.

These two statues are located in Waverly Cemetery in Sydney, on the coast of Australia. It is a huge cemetery on a cliff overlooking the ocean. It is filled with statuary, I spent days walking around and photographing, and I didn't see even half of the statues.


As I was traipsing through overgrown vegetation, I was also blissfully unaware that there were dangerous spiders about. And doubtless some dangerous snakes, too.

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