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Slog Blogging

Yup, I've really fallen down on the blogging job. I even made it a New Year's resolution - to blog, at least once in awhile. And here we are, January 26th, and no blogs. Well, until this one.

Why is that? I love writing more than anything, even vacationing in Hawaii (true fact), and blogging is writing. Yet, I find it a slog to blog, and I become a slug about slog blogging. I become all slow and sticky and procrastinationy. (I am allowed to make up words in my blogs.)

…. Anyway, enough about my blogging struggles. Three and a half weeks into 2019, and I have been writing diligently (unlike my blogs) on my first adult novel, which will be a series. It's light, humorous, and just fun to write. I am a bit stuck on the climactic ending, but it's almost finished. I started it 2 years ago. This is my 3rd re-write, because it has to be right. It's called One Crooked House. It's about a real estate agent with unusual talents, and unusual clients, and unusual houses. I will keep you updated in future blogs. LOL LOL LOL. No, really, there will be future blogs.

Also, soon to be finished, is a sketchy (because it includes a lot of sketches) book for the 8 to 12 age group. I have been working on it for a couple of years. It's called The Top-secret Life of Timbuktu Kalamazoo. A fun read, light, humorous … hmm, sounds a lot like One Crooked House. Timbuktu's dad is an alien who is not very good at being human, as proven by the birthday presents he gives Tim: toilet paper, broccoli, a killer turtle, and worst of all … no, I can't be a spoiler. That will be in the book, with sketches.

I have finished one new collage, My Sweetheart Has a Sweet-tooth, and have almost finished a second collage, a mermaid, as yet untitled, unless I just call it Mermaid.

On the none-creative side, I have shovelled a lot of snow - fluffy snow and wet snow and icy snow and packed snow and chunky snow and sticky snow, and even -38 degree Celsius snow. That snow was particularly cold. I am presently out of snow, so I'm blogging.

And now it is time to stop blogging, and figure out the climactic ending of One Crooked House.

Oh, and I cleaned my studio. This is the before picture. Yes, I am ashamed, very very ashamed. I didn't take an after picture, and now it is all messy again. - Blog soon, Patricia

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