Bad Book Covers

March 3, 2019

While waiting, rather impatiently, to reread 'One Crooked House' with fresh eyes (see previous blog), it seemed like the ideal time to develop a cover. The book was on my mind, after all, as much as I was trying not to obsess about it.


Even though I am a visual artist, I struggle with creating a good cover. I tend to make mine too complicated and crowded. Not at all clean, like my house. So I looked at hundreds of covers, searching for inspiration. I only found 3 that I really liked, and I came to the sad realization that there are a lot of bad book covers out there, lurking on bookshelves and collecting dust on coffee tables..


Feeling both discouraged and inspired, I attempted a cover for 'One Crooked House', I'm not sure how I feel about it yet. Feedback and comments welcome! At the same time, I created a new collage, 'The Queen of Broken Hearts'. I feel good about her, probably because she isn't a book cover.


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