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Fresh Eyes

Dear Reader, It has been almost 3 weeks since my last blog, and while that might seem like a long time, it's a phenomenal improvement, because it was almost a whole year between my previous 2 blog postings. So so sad. Anyway … moving forward instead of looking back, I have finally finished the first draft and one edit of the novel 'One Crooked House' (See previous blog,) so technically, it is finished! Finito! Tout accompli! There, I've just patted myself of the back and set off some fireworks. Yay me!

It is such a satisfying feeling to finish a very long project, and be happy with the result. I'm all warm and fuzzy inside, kind of like dryer lint. I want to do a second edit right now, today, but I can't. Patience is a must for this writer. I shouldn't reread and edit the manuscript until I have 'fresh eyes', as I call them. And no, it's not an eye transplant, or an eyeball salad. Some time and distance need to exist, between me and the story, for me to be able to see it anew, to spot the little inconsistencies that will exist, and the creative improvements that can be made. And a week is pushing it, a month would be better, but I'm not that patient. FYI, there will be multiple edits. One edit is never enough.

As a visual artist, it is the same for my artwork. I like to hang my pictures on the wall for a month or 2, and live with them, before I decide if they are 'good enough'.

Stopping now. I'm adding a picture of my most recent collage: My Dream Sweetheart. It requires reading. She's completely made of candy and sweet foods. It's also appropriate for Valentine's Day, which is the day of this post. ;) Have a happy one!

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