Universe Idol

A romantic sci-fi adventure - think American Idol in Outer Space, if the other contestants are aliens who will stop at nothing to win.


Enroute to a singing contest, Holly finds herself stranded in the icy winter wilderness. Before she can freeze to death, a spaceship almost lands on top of her truck. The aliens who rescue (or abduct) Holly are nothing like the ones on TV. They don't even wear uniforms. And some of them look so much like Earth's inhabitants, they could strut around on the planet as if they owned the place ... and then there is Antor.

Antor was born on a spaceship, and abandoned there. He's grown up as an orphan on a series of spaceships. It's a lonely life until the All Planetary Shipper he is working aboard is forced to make an emergency landing on a supposedly primitive planet. Antor expects to encounter club-wielding, grunting humanoids. The girl he rescues couldn't be less grunting, and she can sing better than anyone in the Universe.

When Holly is forced to sing for her life, it's only the start of their terrifying adventure.


Recommended for 14 - Adult

Universe Idol