Moody Gasping Middle School Adventures 

Recommended for 10 - 13


Book 1 - Three Wishes Vending Machine

Wolfe Webber hates new schools and new schools hate him. On his first day at Moody Gasping Middle School, a mysterious vending machine appears outside the cafeteria. Or has it always been there? Nobody knows for sure, and regular money doesn't work in it. When three gold coins appear in Wolfe's locker, they work in the vending machine, but the objects that drop out are very odd, and cause Wolfe nothing but trouble.


Book 2 - Genie For Sale - Cheap

In the mysterious setting of Moody Gasping Middle School, Corbit Bowman finds a crumped, juice-stained scrap of paper. It advertises a genie for sale. That little piece of paper is going to change his life. And if any kid ever needed a genie, it's Corbit. Although it would have been helpful if his new genie came with a few warning labels, like 'Highly Combustible' and 'Be Careful What You Wish For, You Just Might Get It'.

2 Book Set - Three Wishes Vending Machine & Genie for Sale- Cheap