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The Top-secret Life of Timbuktu Kalamazoo by Patricia Srigley

Recommended: 9 to 12  

230 page, with loads of fun sketches throughout



   I’m Tim Kalamazoo and I’m a pretty normal kid. It’s my life that’s not normal. Not even one little bit. But I can’t tell you more yet, not until you swear an oath to secrecy. How you ask? See page 1 of my top-secret document.
  Once you’ve done that, I can tell you about ordering pizza from Outer Space, and Blobby, and chicken dancing. No, that isn’t dancing with chickens. And I can tell you about J.R. the junky robot. You would never know it by looking at him, but J.R. is actually Supremely Advanced Alien Technology.
  And I can tell you about my best friend Larry, who is the unluckiest kid in the world, not because he’s my friend or anything,
  And then there’s my birthday presents. My dad is not very good at picking them out, probably because he didn’t grow up on Earth. Those presents have caused nothing but big trouble, especially my 10th birthday present, but I’m getting way ahead of myself ... you better swear that oath to secrecy before I give away all my top-secret secrets.

The Top-secret Life of Timbuktu Kalamazoo

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