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The Storyteller's Quest

Book 2  - The Storyteller Series

  •   In such fantastic and dangerous times, may the best man not make an 'ash' of himself.

  When Bayerd the Storyteller is sent on a quest, he has no choice but to ride off into the sunset. If he doesn’t leave willingly, he will surely be catapulted over the castle battlements. It would be a fantastic bloody display, one that would end his quest before it even begins. And alas, he is starting to suspect that his own beloved Princess Kelp may be the one who wants him gone from the Golden Kingdom. Permanently. Unless someone much more dastardly is plotting against him ...

  It isn’t supposed to be a dangerous quest, yet his men begin to vanish one by one. It is just the start of his (and their) misfortune. Bayerd has to wonder if his quest is cursed, or maybe he is the one who’s cursed – again. Will his misbegotten quest be the end of him?

Recommended for teens and adults.
250 pages in printed book format.

"Quite a few times, I found myself laughing out loud. Funny, hilarious and witty. I was truly entertained." (Shirley, adult)

"Pure entertainment ... has a fluidity that makes even the most farcical events believable. The fantastical events that unfold in the comedic tale play on both the supernatural and mystical for laughs. With just enough description, it flows without tedium. Bayerd, faced with one misfortunate event after another, truly has you rooting for the underdog." (Sam C. teenager)

The Storyteller Series-
Book 1, The Storyteller's Curse
Book 2, The Storyteller's Quest


The Storyteller's Quest

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