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Scarecrow in the Graveyard


When your dad is a drunken reaper who's been falling down on the job, literally, horrible things are bound to happen, and most of them have been happening to me - things like waking up in bed with a zombie. And things like being possessed by a slimy black cloud of renegade evil that can turn even a nice girl into a psycho slasher.


I'm Elvis Black, and yes, I am a girl, and a nice girl, unless I'm being possessed. In addition to being a reaper, my dad is also the world's biggest Elvis Presley fan, hence my name.


Reapers beget reapers, so I am a reaper-in-training. And it's starting to look like my dad's drinking is going to be the death of me, unless I can capture the evil that was birthed into the world during a botched reap, and lock it back into the bones of its body where it belongs, before it goes on a major killing spree and slaughters everyone in my neighbourhood - including the gorgeous boy next door. 


Recommended for 14 - Adult

Scarecrow in the Graveyard

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