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Curse of the Storyteller

Book 1 in the Storyteller Series

Written by P. Srigley as Lee Shrugg

When Bayerd the Storyteller grudgingly rescues a princess named after seaweed, his rather ordinary life changes drastically. Bayerd soon endures more trials than a cursed man, not the least of which is being saved by that very same princess from the dragon jaws of fiery death.

In an attempt to prove his worth, Bayerd vows to protect the future queen from her plotting kin and a parade of alarming suitors. His lowly beginnings may not see him fit to kiss the highborn princess's webbed toes, or polish the boots of Sir Gore Wolfe of Howling Stone, but royal blood isn't everything. A dozen hell cats can't be wrong. They certainly have no complaint about the quality of Bayerd's blood, and they have sampled it liberally.

Together with his tall, dark, and brooding friend Orson, Bayerd does his manly best to fill the role of champion, which quickly proves to be a perilous role for him. Trouble sticks so close to Bayerd, it could easily be mistaken for his shadow. Or his tall, dark, and brooding friend Orson.



Recommended for readers who don't mind laughing out loud when reading a book.

Curse of the Storyteller