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Blue Wings

A timely tale about the value of friendship and the fragility of the world.

Recommended for 9 - 12.


Annabelle Blue, the main culprit in this tale, is the first to notice that the butterflies are disappearing. Since she has a reputation for being disagreeable, and a talent for creating a quarrel with nothing but the echo of her words, nobody believes her.

Annabelle's quest for the truth leads her to trespass in lands where lowly pixies are not welcome, and she is quick to find trouble. She comes face-to-face with beings who are different from her, and therefore not to be trusted, no matter how nice they seem and how many times they save her life.


In a misguided, divided world, cut by a high stone wall and a deep rushing moat, how can Annabelle possibly discover the truth and save the butterflies before they are gone forever? It seems an impossible task, unless she has help from some unexpected allies. 

Blue Wings

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