All Planetary Shipping


'Neither meteor storms, nor massive solar flares, nor dark of space, shall stay these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed deliveries.'

A sci-fi fantasy/adventure packed with unexpected twists & turns, and mysterious coffin-shaped crates that must be delivered, no matter what.

The rightful Nomad of Nine Worlds awakens on Gehenna Prison Planet with no idea of how he ended up in that hot hellish place. Three torturous years later, Megal is found by Kyar, the brother he suspected of stranding him there. A misunderstanding during the prison escape sees Megal destroying what his brother loves most.


Now a fugitive and a broken man who questions his own sanity, Megal vows to earn his brother's forgiveness, and track down their evil cousin Prin, who has been masquerading as Megal and ruling in his place. Not only has Prin ruined Megal's life and endangered the fragile Ice Planet, he has also saddled Megal with a wife who hates him enough to hunt him across all the galaxies in the Universe.

In his quest for justice, and along with Kyar and a motley crew of outcasts, Megal zigzags across space aboard the rusty All Planetary Shipper, the FarGone 5, in a deadly game of galactic hide and seek.


Recommended for 14 - Adult

All Planetary Shipping